This is one episode from our 17-episode series "Voices of the Rising" produced for the National Library of Ireland as part of the commemoration of the 1916 Rising in 2016. Commissioned by DHR Communications for the NLI, it is voiced by Katherine McSharry of the NLI, with actor voices. The series is available free on iTunes. It was also broadcast on a number of local radio stations throughout the 17 weeks leading up to the commemoration of the 1916 Rising in April 2016.

A view of the Harbour below, with the Quarry all around you.

A walkway to the top, still intact and useful.

Friction wheels and gravity help bring the granite down.

So what is an atmospheric railway, and how come Kingstown has one?

Full wagons every two minutes, as the production intensifies.

Landowners versus squatters, hospitals and strikes

Track plats and wooden wagons help horses pull huge loads.

How they broke up the rock to create level platforms

The granite hillocks that were named the Three Churls.

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